Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Roenick Talks Beer, Appears Way More Depressed Than Leslie Nielsen

Thanks to Greg Wyshenski of the FanHouse for making a note of it, but our favorite NHL ego (at least mine, anyway) was on the cover of Draft Magazine this month. Jeremy Roenick also sat down with Draft in an interview that is certainly worth reading. Heck, anything that he says is worth listening to, even if only for the entertainment value.

The following is a cut from the interview, more of which can be found over at the FanHouse or in Draft Mag itself. Apparently the whole enchilada is not available online, though.
It occurred to me, watching the clips on YouTube of you dancing that you might have a 'Dancing with the Stars' in you down the line.
I've had so many people say that I should go on there. I'm going to save my dancing steps until after I win the Cup.

I'm assuming then that if you do get ahold of the Cup, are we looking at you drinking Bud Light out of it?
You might have to get me out of AA at the end of the summer if I win the Cup.
If nothing else, you have got to respect the guy for being brutally honest all the damned time. It's going to be a shame when Roenick finally decides to hang up the skates because the NHL is never going to be the same once he retires for good. There is no one else in the league who is as interesting and has as colorful a personality as Roenick has in his big toe. For example, Roenick makes Sean Avery look like an attention starved fourth grader.

What caught my eye about the whole Draft feature was that Roenick appears to be a depressed drunk, unlike Leslie Nielsen. Observe:

Leslie Nielsen (Funny Guy)

Rusty Wallace (NASCAR Driver Guy)

Jeremy Roenick (Depressed Guy at the end of the bar who has had too many and finally has come to realize that he's past his prime all the while muttering incoherently about the girl who dumped him in high school.)

First there is the 'AA' comment and then, well, just take a look at Roenick's cover shot. Is there something you need to tell us about, Jeremy? Dude, if you need any help I'm here for you buddy. Seriously.


  1. He looks about ready to break a pool cue over my head. I think I will just buy him a Molson and get out of his way.

    Happy Turkey Day everyone at BMR (all one of you!).

  2. I agree with black capricorn--he looks like he's going to kick the crap outta me. I came to comment just so he wouldn't keep looking at me like that.
    I'm sure he's a swell guy, though.

  3. But he's supposed to get a beer with a friend of mine when the Sharks win the cup. Don't leave us stranded outside the bar, JR!

  4. Maybe his issue of Draft is more depressing and he was trying to fit the mood?

    Leslie Neilsen cover stories include: "The health benifits of beer" (sounds happy to me), "beers for spring" (winter's over) and "Brewing at home" (hey, a project for the kids' sciece fair!)

    Rusty Wallace cover stories include: "World's greatest Grills" (fire + meat = good times!), "all American Issue"(quoth Team America, "America, F**k yeah!"), and he's got a juiced up car with him.

    JR's issue: "The winter issue" (grey dreary winter slush), "Gift guide" (buy stuff for other people to enjoy? That's bullcrap!) and "Stogies and suds" (we all know that smoking is bad for you)

    Just a theory.

  5. cue "Glory Days" by Bruce Springsteen

  6. Do the computer-aging trick in your head on that picture - to about 20 years after retirement (and cessation of all exercise without curtailment of any eating or drinking). Ewwww.