Monday, December 31, 2007

YOYEE: New Year's Resolutions

Continuing with Your Obligatory Year End Extravaganza...

So many to choose from!

Every year, people make New Year's Resolutions to try and fix certain aspects of their lives and practice self improvement. Every year, many of those resolutions fail. Believe it or not, celebs and NHL players are no different. They've got things to improve on and practice, just like the rest of us. Tonight, I'll take a look at some resolutions for the New Year that could help out some of favorite teams of the frozen sport.

San Jose Sharks: Continuously repeat the phrase "home is where the heart is" during all 2008 home games.

New York Islanders: Try to not create news that will become easy material for comedians.

Edmonton Oilers: Finally get around to getting rid of Kevin Lowe... Yeah, like that's going to happen. That's like asking Paris and Nicole to stay out of jail.

Chicago Blackhawks: Keep on doing what you're doing. And maybe draws up plans to build a huge statue of Rocky Wirtz.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Figure out a way to get those cement shoes off.

Minnesota Wild: Regain control of the universe.

Detroit Red Wings: Is there even room for improvement?

St. Louis Blues: Locate the opposition's net.

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