Monday, December 31, 2007

YOYEE: Best of the Blog... or What We Screwed Up the Least

It's been a fun year, folks. BMR has been around for about two thirds of it, and what a two thirds of a year it was! There was text messaging, Handy Guides and, of course, JR.

The response to a year-end feature was underwhelming, but that's OK. I'll give you guys a break since most of you are probably off doing better things for the holidays than reading a blog. You know, spending time with family or something. That's respectable, so I'll give you a break!

The following are some of the "best" from BMR this year, and I use that term very loosely. First some reader favorites and then some favorites of my own. Enjoy!

And now, Your Obligatory Year End Extravaganza!

Epic Battle Update: All Your Universe are Belong to Paul Stastny (11/13)
This Week In: "Oh $%#$, We Messed Up" (10/9)
If This Had Lasted Any Longer, Bill Clement Might of Had a Seizure (6/5)
A Handy Guide for Beginners: Hockey Blogging (8/13)
If Only Text Messaging Was More Popular in the NHL (7/10)

And some of my favorites:

Gary Bettman's Hit List (10/16)
NBC Does Not Care About Your Precious Overtime (5/19)
A Handy Guide for Beginners: Fantasy Hockey (8/29)
PSYCHE! Got You Losers Good! (10/4)
The Coach Incompetence Advisory System: Pre-Season Edition (9/27)
Dallas is the Snarkiest Team in the League (9/6)
Analyzing the New Canucks Jerseys (8/30)
Justin Timerblake Plays LA King in Surprisingly Realistic Role (8/24)
A Handy Guide for ESPN: How to Not Ruin Hockey (8/1)

For those of you who still want more reading material, you can check out the "Best Mullets Ever" on the left sidebar. Those are the top five most viewed posts. You can also take a look at the archive, which is arranged by month.


  1. I forgto to add: anything with the tag "JR time." Dangit. And the Canucks jerseys one. But, Happy New Year

  2. Crap apparently I missed that too. Doh.