Thursday, January 17, 2008

Broduer's Words are Strong. Play... Not So Much

REUTERS/Gary Wiepert

As you all know I'm a rabid Islander fan. That means once in a while you have to deal with some gloating and parading around once in a while. I know you probably don't like to put up with it, which is why I try to keep from referencing the aforementioned team all that much. Sadly, this is one of those times where I must give in to impulse.

You see, the Islanders are 9-1 against their local rivals (Devils and Rangers) this season. That's pretty impressive. What's more, it's even better when the play of the team makes Marty Brodeur eats his words. While I admire Marty for being such a stellar net minder all these years, there's a certain level of disdain for him that I must have because he plays for a rival. And there's also the creepy girl who comes to every Devils game at the Coliseum dressed in a veil with a sign that reads "Marry me Marty." And she's like 15. It's creepy.

So when Marty had the following to say, which I don't have a link to except for the video from Sportscenter, it's always sweet when something like that gets slammed right back in your rival's face.

"When you're a goalie of that stature, with that kind of contract you become a leader. You're responsible for 19 other guys. You have to be composed, be in control. I'm not sure he is."

OK, so it's not the most inflammatory thing ever. But it's out of character for a character guy like Marty.

Long story short, the Isles and Devils faced off at the Prudential Center last night. The Isles won their fifth of the season against the Devils, 3-1, thanks to 37 saves from Ricky D. Marty, for what it's worth, had 22.

Suck it, Brodeur.

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