Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Week In: "Oh $%#$, We Messed Up"

If you remember, a while back I wrote a post about Tukka Rask, a goalie for the Boston Bruins. It was cheeky, cute and well intentioned. Well. Yeah. A funny thing happened after that. Type in "Tukka Rask" on Yahoo! search, and that post if the first link that comes up. Now I just feel bad about writing it. I can't say that I'd be happy if that was the first link that came up.

I mean, imagine in his life after hockey Rask goes interviewing for jobs in the corporate world. The first question out of the interviewer's mouth is, "so... uh... you're a caveman?" How is he supposed to explain that one without being subjected to the harsh realities of racism (or caveism as it is affectionately called)? There I go again. But you get the idea. That can't be a nice thing to come up when searching for your name. So, if I can do anything, I hope that I can make this post the new top link on Yahoo when you search for Tukka. Because he'd now be associated with a picture of Sergeant Slaughter, and that's balla.

Now if only I could get a giant picture of a clown to show up when I Google "Mark Messier".


  1. You'd be more likely to get a clown after Googling Messier than you would any info whatsoever about his leadership/ColdfX "award" from last season.

    Eww - I just said "Googling Messier" - that feels wrong.

  2. Maybe if you googled Messier you could get a faucet?

  3. if you google/images Mark Messier right now, the 3rd picture is the classic shot of him and Gary Coleman