Thursday, February 14, 2008

Atlanta Uses Reverse Psychology to Lure Fans to Games

The following pictures are safe for work (I think), but that doesn't make them any less creepy. Thanks to an industrious field reporter (or you can blame them, I'm not sure which) we've got an exclusive report on the Atlanta Thrasher's mascot, Thrash, from last night. Hide the kids. Lock the dog in the basement. This is about to get really ugly.

Apparently, the team let Thrash walk around in only it's underwear last night. Someone in marketing should hopefully be getting fired right about now, cause this is just creepy. Actually, I think our field reporter summed it up best.

"What you can't see are the even creepier Victoria's Secret wings on his back. I think it was "molester night" at Philips Arena."

Molester night, indeed.

But seriously. Who comes up with this crap? And we wonder why there are attendance issues in Atlanta. It's because people want to keep their families away from this. Forget about the hockey action. It's the hot bird mascot action that is keeping them away.

And I think it's safe to say that I'm going to need to pull a page from the Pensblog playbook for one second. With all due respect to them...

Look at the left side of the picture, at that guy with glasses, a headset and talking into his sleeve. Does this mascot really need security? Clearly, it needs a pair of pants.


  1. Looks like MYFO's "mascots Exposed" series has gone literal on us

  2. I think the people profiled in "Zoo" might like this promotion.

  3. I see the Thrasher are biting off my idea of "No Pants Wednesday's"

  4. Not to burst your bubble, but I think the mascot was supposed to be dressed as Cupid; seeing as today is Valentine's Day. Of course, that probably could have been conveyed in a clearer fashion.

  5. It was good idea with piss poor execution. The plan was to have people buy valentines and have Thrash (the mascot) deliver them during the game. Someone had the brilliant idea that he should be dressed up like cupid. See, isn't it cute (gag).