Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chris Simon Returns Tonight -- Place Your Bets!!

A word of caution to Ryan Hollweg -- Chris Simon is back.
CBS Sportsline

I know we all thought all the Islander related posts would be behind us after that seven game losing streak -- but they're not. And I'm sorry! Really, I am. But this is a good one. I promise.

So, Chris Simon returns from suspension tonight for the Islanders as they square off against the Bolts on Long Island. As you might expect, the Islanders website is mum on the subject save for this little blurb:


Chris Simon will be in tonight's lineup when the Islanders host the Tampa Bay Lightning. Prior to missing the past 30 games, Simon was 1-2-3 in 26 games.

With Simon's return, Jeff Tambellini reported to Bridgeport, where he is the team's leading scorer with 28 goals. He has recorded one goal in 16 games with the Islanders this season.

In depth reporting, I know. But the main point to all my blathering is this -- how long will it be until Simon is suspended yet again? We all know it's like a 99% chance of happening. The guy has been suspended eight times for the love of Gaborik!

So what ya got?

I'll start the action by betting that he will be suspended again by March 3rd, which accounts for his first six games back.

Clarification: I'm talking about when (and I guess for the sake of fairness, if) his suspension comes down from the league. If he does something on the 3rd, but doesn't officially get suspended until the 5th, then I lose.

If you're looking for actual, intelligent coverage as opposed to betting on people's misfortunes, please head on over to Scotty Hockey.

And don't forget to leave your own bets in the comments!


  1. March 24th.

    Maybe I'm giving Simon a little too much credit here, but I think he'll keep his acts of senseless acts of violence under wraps, at least for a while.

    But when the end of the season approaches, and it becomes evident that the Isles won't make the postseason (sorry Kevin), Psycho Simon will reappear. Probably earn his self an indefinite suspension.

  2. March 16 (what it's my birthday, might as well pick it for something)

  3. As a Rangers fan all I can say is if he does try to destroy Hollweg again, at least do it right. Bad enough you got 25 teams but I still had to see that retard back on the ice the next game.

  4. First off, if you stopped with the Islander related posts then I would be truly disappointed - always wear your fanhood proudly, no matter how misplaced it may be.

    And as for my bet (thanks for the link, btw, lol) ... I would say March 6th ... the back end of the next home and home with the Rangers ... and the Isle fans will cheer whatever lunacy he commits - much like they did when he nailed Hollweg. Tasteful.