Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Official - We are Now a Sports Blog

We made Blog Show folks. I guess that's kind of the mark in this world that signifies that we are all now officially engaging and participating in a real, live sports blog. I wasn't sure if this was real for a little while, but apparently we, and this blog, are. Let's have a party! Congratulations, folks... We made it!!! WOOOO!!! (Imagine a celebration like one that would occur on the Colbert Report. I would have one of my own, but the budget around here is a small one.) Oh and, skip to the -4:53 mark of the video if you want to see our 10 seconds of mild fame.

Or we could just do it like Kool and the Gang. That works too.

That's right. Two embedded videos in one post. I'm a rebel who doesn't play by the rules.


  1. congrats...YOU DID IT!!!

    perhaps someday I too will be on a real show

  2. So if I post on a real blog, does that make me a real poster?

  3. I thought they way we celebrated things at BMR was withGary Bettman and Snoop...but Kool and the Gang works as well.

    *throws confetti, blows party horn*

  4. @bc: i would imagine so. but it depends on your view of reality and if we do/do not live in the matrix.

    @ld: yea that's usually how it goes but this youtube was too good to pass up.