Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sabres Fans, as it Turns Out, are Not Fans of Sean Avery

REUTERS/Gary Wiepert

It's hard to blame someone when they get upset about their team losing. We've all been there. It's part of sports, especially if you're a fan of certain teams. It's also hard to blame someone when they don't like Sean Avery. In fact, if you're one of those people, you could very well be in the majority. So, when Avery scored what would be the eventual game winner yesterday in Buffalo, Sabres fans in the stands were quick to react and did so in a fashion that is, I guess, pretty natural and expected given the circumstances.

You have to give them credit too, to react so quickly and in such large numbers is impressive. Imagine what it would be like if Brett Hull or Troy Aikman ever showed their face up there. They would be run out of town before their plane ever landed. Getting slightly off topic for a second, that's why it's probably not a smart move for the Bills to flirt with Toronto. I imagine Buffalonians would block the borders in at least the eastern half of the country to prove a point. I'm not slighting Buffalo either. It's one hell of a sports city and the NHL numbers on jersey sales, not to mention last year's playoff run, only help to drive home that point.

Gotta love the one person in the middle who decided to go with the classic "Loser's L" rather than flip the bird.

Thanks to reader and Rangers fan Mike R for sending these screen caps in. As it turns out, Rangers fans can put up with me but I imagine that it takes a lot of patience on certain days.


  1. And MSG cut away from it, but it appeared that Sean went back on the ice to wave to the fans when he was named first star of the game ... love that guy ... Let's Go Rangers!!

  2. @scotty: that's awesome. Sean Avery don't have to put up with knobgobbblers if he don't have to. Suckas!