Saturday, February 23, 2008

What it Looks Like When the MSM Tries This Blogging Thing

Is it me or does Ryan Getzlaf look drunk?
AP/Karl B DeBlaker

As you probably know, more and more MSM reporters and beat writers are getting their own blogs. The newspapers are trying to cash in on the success of this whole blogging thing that's happening on this here series of tubes. They don't really get it, but they're trying. You have to give them credit for that.

But sometimes they take it a little too far. As FanHouse noted yesterday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution handed over a blog on their site about the Thrashers to Bill "Rawhide" Tiller. I can't seem to decipher if he's a fan or a so-called journalist that acts like one, because the website doesn't say. I honestly don't know. Either way, the most recent post is something that is actually and probably a little below the coherence level of your average run-of-the-mill blog. I know things get wacky around here, and wild at other points around the blogdome, but since when is there a voice in the MSM for the rabid, raving, incoherent rant? I'm all for giving anyone and everyone a voice -- if I didn't it would go against everything I am as a blogger -- but for backwoods message board drivel to come from under the umbrella of an actual, big time newspaper? That's a new one on me.

I don't really know what happened, but if this is what the MSM thinks blogs are about, then they missed the boat entirely. Hell, they missed the whole damned fleet. Please, have a look for yourself. This is in response to the Thrashers throwing out a couple of, let's say, lackluster efforts during the past week including the one that was previously mentioned on this blog against the Islanders.

But help me make some sense of this…

Thursday night you took the ice in Raleigh, North Carolina after having ONE HUNDRED AN SEVENTEEN HOURS OFF between games!!! Between this and the last game YOU played your opponents played TWO GAMES! And you guys STILL let up FORTY-SIX shots on the FREAKIN’ GOAL!!! Did you give up 20 in the first again? NO…YOU GAVE UP TWENTY-ONE!! The man who faced, and turned away, all 21 shots called it, “…a big joke”. Only…no one is laughing!

You gave up THREE %$#@! Shots LESS on Kari then you allowed the Islanders given NINETY-SIX more hours of rest!!! Hey…maybe if we give you a %$#@& MONTH off you can get it back down to, oh I dunno…THIRTY-FIVE??

To be fair, that's just an excerpt from the piece, but to be sure it does go on like this throughout most of it. And if you were wondering, the emphasis is not mine.

Again, I'm just amazed that something that a tirade that reads as if it is from a drunken fan in the bleachers found it's way onto a MSM website. Maybe they are getting more progressive? Perhaps. But hey, at least you can't knock the guy for, you know, being a serious fan. This kind of loyalty should be applauded. Maybe NEXT TIME... he won't be FORCED to fucking bleep himself the HELL OUT?! JUST a THougHT!! =) =P sajklDSFfhA()&*Q@#$*(HIO@!!@!@!

h/t Jes Golbez, FanHouse

Oh, and if you want an idea of how you should talk to your favorite after they lose a shitty game this would be a perfect example. But what do I know? I'm just a simple blogger.


  1. You expected credibility from the AJC? Atlanta is the same town where, as you pointed out, the Thrashers mascot walks around in underwear and Lil Jon is considered an artist. My expectations for all things A-T-L aren't exactly high ...

  2. Right there on the blog at AJC it says "A fan's perspective." So it is what it is. Us Thrasher fans are fed up and tired of an inconsistant team and getting outshot in all but 8 games all year.

    So it shouldn't be held to standards any different than your blog.

  3. In the AJC's defence, if not for my congenital inability to master basic HTML, my rant would have looked exactly like that. No it wouldn't. I do possess opposable thumbs after all.

    Thanks for the link!

  4. @scotty: I hate playing Atlanta specificaly because I end up having to make the inevitable LiL John jokes which leave me with "Get Low" running in my head for three days STRAIGHT.