Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Official 2008 BMR Census Results

Team Votes %
Pittsburgh 57 11.52
Buffalo 42 8.48
Washington 27 5.45
Detroit 26 5.25
NY Rangers 26 5.25
San Jose 24 4.85
Philadelphia 23 4.65
Colorado 22 4.44
Minnesota 21 4.24
Montreal 21 4.24
Anaheim 20 4.04
Chicago 19 3.84
Boston 18 3.64
Toronto 18 3.64
Atlanta 15 3.03
Edmonton 13 2.63
St. Louis 12 2.42
Vancouver 12 2.42
New Jersey 11 2.22
Calgary 10 2.02
Dallas 10 2.02
Ottawa 10 2.02
NY Islanders 8 1.62
Los Angeles 6 1.21
Carolina 5 1.01
Columbus 4 0.81
Phoenix 4 0.81
Florida 3 0.61
Nashville 3 0.61
What's a hockey? 3 0.61
Tampa Bay 2 0.40
Total 495 100.00

If you're looking for the post where I tell you all things about yourselves that you already know, this would be that post. As you know, a few weeks back we took an unscientific poll as to which team's fans inhabited the site the results of which you can see on your left. We had almost 500 responses which was easily 450 more than I thought we would get. In the end, thanks for taking the time to vote and giving me some interesting fodder for the day.

As we can see from the slightly more organized results on the left, the champions are the Pittsburgh Penguins. Of all the results, this is the one that surprised me the least. Probably due to our massive man crush creepy internet friendship with the Pensblog, a lot of Penguin fans have been funneled over here and found the grass nice enough to take up residence. For that, I am very grateful. There are also a bunch of Pens fans around the blogosphere, so I can't say it's that much of a surprise to see them so well represented. The same goes for the Capitals who finished in third place. I don't think it's any secret how many of those devils are running around the interwebs.

In second and fourth were the Sabres and Red Wings. Now those two surprise me mainly because there's no website funneling all of them over here. They have big time, serious fan bases though and I imagine that's probably the reason.

Now the real surprise was fifth place -- the Rangers. How that many of you put up with an Islander blogger is beyond me. But I do appreciate it. Speaking of the Islanders... Apparently pro-Islander bias goes a longer way in attractive Ranger fans than it does Islander fans. Go figure.

The rest of the teams in the top 15 all have serious fanbases, which makes it no surprise that they would be nicely represented on the internet. That's not to say the rest of the list has shitty fanbases. Look how far down the Sens are on the list. Chances are they just haven't found the internet yet. There are also at least 43 of you that care about those crazy Paul Stastny/Minnesota Wild world domination posts. Glad to see those aren't going to waste.

Another note is that there are more people on here confused about the sport of hockey than there are Bolts fans. I'm sorry Tampa Bay. I imagine there are more Bolts fans here and they clicked "what's a hockey" to try and be funny, not realizing they wouldn't get to vote again.

Again, thanks for voting. I hope we all learned a little bit about each other.


  1. Woohoo!!! My Thrashers made it into the top 15 and therefore have a "big time serious fan base" if only we could find them!

  2. I learned that I was not alone. Yeaa me!

    How bout a poll for all of us who are bigamists of our teams? I root for the Sabs but cheat on them with several other teams. Where is the love for the pansexual hockey fan?

  3. I'm starting to see other teams as well. The Habs look mighty fine in that tank top...

  4. HAHAHAHAHA what's a hockey beat out Tampa Bay HAHAHAHAHA I always said TB is bad in more than one way HAHAHAHA

  5. I always appreciate hearing about MN Wild world domination. Statsny, not so much.

  6. @bc: maybe that could be a new blog? Pansexuality for the mormon hockey fan?

  7. I found this site from looking for something about the Minnesota Wild (I'm a Sabres fan with a girlcrush on the Wild). Even though I don't comment all too much, I check in everyday. Because this blog lets me ride the roflcopter for only 12 lollerdollars. :)

  8. "Because this blog lets me ride the roflcopter for only 12 lollerdollars. :)"

    That. Is. Awesome.