Thursday, March 13, 2008

Behind the Mascot -- Harvey the Hound

It's time once again to take look behind the stuffing, behind the fur and find out who mascots are on the inside. What are their hobbies? What do they do in their spare time and, most importantly, why do they like to eat children? This time, Calgary's Harvey the Hound is in the spotlight.

(C) Calgary Flames

Name: Harvey the Hound

Enslaved by: the Calgary Flames

Height: 6-6

Weight: Big enough to eat you

Shoots (Marks His Territory): Right

(If you think that last one was gross, it's actually on Harvey's profile at the Flames official website. Creepy.)


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today, Harvey. BARKBARKBARK

First off, what brought you to Calgary? SAUSAGES!!!

That's interesting. Now I've been told that you were the NHL's first mascot. What was it like to break the mascot barrier in professional hockey? LOTSOFSAUSAGES!!!

Have you met Willie O'Ree at all? He broke the color barrier in the NHL, being the first African American to play hockey. WOOFWOOF!!GOFLAMESGO!!!

How have things been between you and Mike Keenan in Calgary? HEGAVEMESAUSAGES!!

And speaking of coaches, do you still hold a grudge against Craig McTavish for ripping out your tongue? KILLKILLHATEHATEMURDERMURDERMUTILATE!!!!!

Of course there was also the time you were attacked by a bunch of zombie children. How are you coping? LOTSOFSAUSAGES!!!

Thanks, Harvey. It was nice to meet you and good luck the rest of the season. AREYOUGOINGTOPAYMEINSAUSAGES?!?!


  1. Is he also a fan of the Bloodhound gang?

    There are worse songs with sausages:

    (don't worry it's totally safe for work)

  2. bah! work! who does that anyway?

    Always love some Tom Green in my day...

  3. Has any other mascot suffered more for his team. I mean he lost his tongue to the arch nemesis Oilers. I guess maybe that batshit crazy duck down in Anaheim, he did catch fire after all. Then again that was kinda his own fault.

  4. Catching fire is pretty impressive although I think thats more along the lines of "dumb as hell" than "suffering for your team"

  5. Funny- I thought he would have like SNausages