Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Not to Respond When You Almost Lose to the Eighth Seed in the First Round

I mean, jeez. At least act like you've won 24 Stanley Cups.


  1. wow ... I would think that a French Canadian riot would be a bunch of guys named Jean jaywalking. Maybe some littering. But geesh, it's just round one guys. You only beat the Bruins. And it took you 7 games. If there is any justice they'll be swept in round two.

  2. hehe, I check my school email, and all I had today was this message (keep in mind I'm colleging in Quebec at the moment):

    Following the events that occurred in the["student ghetto] area in the early morning hours, the [city]Police have informed us that there will be increased surveillance in the Borough of [my town] until the end of the semester. There will be zero tolerance in terms of being on the street with glass containers and the Police will be issuing municipal tickets for this infraction. The University is also investigating the events of last night and, if necessary, will be dealing with certain individuals through the Code of Conduct upon completion of the investigation. All members of the [university] community have the responsibility to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner both on and OFF campus and must produce identification if requested by either the Police or [university] Security. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated in helping to get to the end of this semester without further incident and help maintain a respectable image of your University.

    While I wasn't there, I assume this meant couches on fire, broken beer bottles, and the like. Usual behaviour for my school.

  3. At least wait for the freaking cup to burn the city up! lolll

  4. It ishard to believe that this is happening in a place that has actually won more than one round before, not to mention the string of Cups captured there.