Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Little Weasels Thought I Was Done Didn't You? BAHAHA

Special thanks to BMR San Jose Bureau Chief Liz E.

I haven't talked to you pasty faced little bloggers in a long time. Five months or something, right? You've probably been sitting around going "boooooo hoooo when is JR going to talk to us again?? boooooo hoooo!" Just crying yourself to sleep every night. Sitting in the corner, rocking yourselves back and forth wondering when I'll grace you with my presence again. Sad bunch you are.

Despite what you may think, ol' JR still has some compassion left in him. You all look up to him, so he feels bad that you're sitting at home in front of the computer wondering how he scored four points and the first star in Game Seven against Calgary in between your visits to porn sites and TMZ. So I'm back bitches. I'm here to put you on notice. Hell, I'm putting the whole damn NHL on notice.

The Sharks are making a run and I'm right putting them on my back. Scratch me for Game Six Ron Wilson? You're an idiot. We wouldn't have had to play Game Seven if I had been in the lineup. If I had played in Six, the Flames wouldn't have even shown up. That's what they did tonight. Miikka Kiprusoff? More like ran home crying to his mommy. Or maybe that was Mike Keenan. They sure looked the same.


JR owns you Miikka. Don't you forget it. In fact, JR owns Jarome Insignificant and all of Calgary. Ha but why stop there? JR could take down all of Canada if he wanted. Riots in Montreal? That's nothing compared to the firestorm that swept through HP Pavilion tonight.

Two goals. Two assists. Four points. First star of the game.

Was there even another game tonight? Did the Flyers win a hockey game tonight?

They did?

Yea well nobody cares. Not when this show is playing in San Jose.

Hey Modano, if you're reading this, you're next buddy. Prepare for the best there ever was, the best there is and the best there ever will be.



  1. He kinda looks like Modano in that picture

  2. just so you know Kevin, while everyone managed to remain over .500 in the playoff pool over at my blog [], you went 6-2, the NHL 08 simulation was a perfect 8-0. Time to pick up your game for the second round.

  3. i've always had a soft spot for JR. here's hoping he finally wins that cup.

  4. Via Pensblog:

  5. I wish I'd gotten the video of him at that commercial break. He was doing a little fist pump dance and it was awesome. The photo is a mere substitute. God bless JR.

  6. Anyone else wondering what would happen if JR and Gary Roberts were to meet? I predict something explodey happening.