Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Associated Press is Dead to Me

Earlier in the week -- you might have heard about it -- some joke newspaper in Iowa threatened to sue a blog for using their video on said blog. Funny story. You see, the newspaper provided an embed code for the video on their website.

That would be like me inviting you over to my house, asking you if you would like a drink, giving it to you, and then slapping it out of your hand and saying you stole it.

Apparently parts of Iowa are only now getting the internet. If any regular readers are from Iowa, clearly, these are not the parts that you are from.

In another installment in a long line of greed/MSM delusion/whatever you want to call it, we've got another situation we can all roll our eyes at. The AP is going to start charging you for quoting them on your blog.

Nice try, guys.

So now, instead of writing something like... "the AP is reporting that they are all a bunch of morons," and then quoting them verbatem

"By using a blockquote thingy such as this."
It's going to be a little different. Now, I'm going to say the same thing, only excluding the actual quote.

Like so:

The AP is reporting that they are all a bunch of morons.

See what I did there? I just saved myself $50.


  1. The AP is just afraid that reality has passed them by. They were late to get into new media, and this is their stupid, idiot way at trying to make up for it. It's a grasp at straws, nothing more.

  2. I used the phrase "Barry Melrose Rocks" back in the summer of '93. Give me $50.

  3. You linked to the Victoria Times twice on Monday. That's not allowed. $100.