Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is EXACTLY What I Want to See When I Get Home

It's all like a series of tubes I tell you!

Just got home after a long day at the airports (thank you storm that tried to murder the entire east coast). I think that if someone tried to create an actual, physical version of the internet, it would be our nation's airports. They're really just a series of tubes.

But anyway. I get home, open up the email. First thing in there is how the college I attend decided to give a hacker all of the business school's personal information. Thanks for that one. You sealed the deal when it comes to begging me for alumni donations in a couple years. All my money is now going towards buying that arena. See what you did??? You ruined it!!

Moving on -- second email. That one put me over the edge (Thanks, Scotty).

My course of action:

  1. Read it.
  2. Tried to contain homicidal rage.
  3. Replied politely.
  4. Wrote a post about my experience (naturally).
  5. Slept off said rage.

You all probably saw this already. But in case you didn't here it is:

Report: Yashin Interested in Returning to the Islanders.

So what, right? Who cares what Yashin is interested in doing. He set this team back five years (we've got another youth movement now! who's excited?!) and we're done with him. If he wants to crawl up on the doorstep and cry about it, so be it.

Hahaha! How naive I am! I almost forgot to read the fine print.

According to Newsday, the Islanders have discussed the possibility of bringing their former captain back for one year after buying out the final four years of his $10 million contract.

Yashin's agent, Marc Gandler told Newday he spoke with Islanders' general manager Garth Snow on Thursday but no agreement was reached.

Oh, fun times in Islander land.

"We've had discussions," Gandler told Newsday. "But it's been very slow because I told them in the beginning how much I wanted. They're obviously not happy about that. But clearly, they missed him. They didn't have a first line last season."

You can always count on the agent to be so nice about things. The team was pretty good until the last month of the season, if you hadn't noticed. Which, I guess, you didn't because you were too busy in RUSSIA (there, hockey plays you!).

Currently, the Islanders are paying Yashin $2.2 million per year over eight years for a total of more than $17 million. At the time of the buy-out, there were four years remaining on the deal worth $26 million.

Yashin, who is close with Islanders' owner Charles Wang, skated with Yaroslavl of the Russian League last season, scoring 16 goals and 27 assists for 43 points. In the playoffs, he added eight goals and six assists in 16 games and was named the best player of the postseason.

To be fair, Yashin did have a good year in Russia. To be fair, we're paying the guy $2 million plus to NOT play for us right now. As long as we have an empty roster spot, which we kind of do, then what the hell. It's honestly not that bad. It just sucks, though. That sound you heard was of everyone in the PR and Marketing Departments having simultaneous strokes. This guy could score 100 goals next year and it's still going to get a lot of bad publicity.

So now you all think I'm crazy. Great.


  1. If Yashin comes back, your franchise is officially doomed. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but those are just the facts.

  2. alexei yashin back wearing an Isles uniform would seal a deal for that team to move to Kansas City...as if the Mausoleum isn't empty enough during the season :)

  3. So now you all think I'm crazy. Great

    We don't think you're crazy, Kevin. We accept it as fact. :P