Friday, June 27, 2008

Sharks Re-Sign Roenick... Twice?

Did I miss something? I must have, cause by my count the Sharks have now re-signed Jeremy Roenick twice this off-season.

Let's see... On May 21st TSN put out the following report.

"Roenick Signs One-Year Deal with Sharks"

I don't really need to quote from the article since its title explains the situation pretty well. So, I was kind of confused when over a month later, on Wednesday afternoon, they put out something similar.

"Sharks Sign Pavelski, Roenick and Boucher"

Chances are I missed something here. I guess the deal simply wasn't made official until recently, but a month? I can imagine there being that many kinks to work out. Weird.

No matter though. We've got another year of JR (again) and I think we can all celebrate that (again). Hookers and blackjack, anyone?


  1. My guess is that the first story was them agreeing to the contract and this was the official signing. Or something like that.

    But man, I really wish I had taken that picture of JR. And are my eyes playing tricks on me or are his eyes different colors?

  2. That picture made a frustrating day turn into an awesome one. JR=hilarious.