Saturday, August 2, 2008

And Now to Step Away from the Ledge

I leave for two days, TWO DAYS, and this happens???

I don't mean Ryan guesting on the site. He was awesome. +10 to him for Thursday's post.

What I'm talking about is this:

Per EMacAttack at FanHouse:
Readers of one of the more popular spots in the hockey blogosphere -- The PensBlog -- got a rude surprise this morning when they discovered that the most recent update was a screen capture of a warning from Blogger that the blog's account had been frozen due to a possible violation of Blogger's Terms of Service.
Yeah, you're damn right it was a rude awakening. Take away my Pensblog and you take away one of my main reasons to get up in the morning, good sirs. It took Denzel Washington every trick in the book to talk me down off the rooftop in Time Square this morning because I was so upset. And then on my way down a hawk grabbed me and took me to his computer in the sky. Luckily, he showed me that PB had been unlocked and kindly returned me home. Last time that happened I woke up with claw marks all over me.

Anyway. Long story short is that I'm never taking E in Central Park with Sparky the Dragon again.

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