Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Melrose Throws Out First Pitch at Rays Game

(C) Tampa Bay Lightning

On Monday night, the Mulleted One went across town to throw out the first pitch at the Tampa Bay Rays game. If you're not familiar with them, they're a horrible professional baseball team that is having the season of a lifetime this year. If you're not familiar with professional baseball, it's a sport where people get paid more than hockey players to stand around in a field for three hours every day.

The Lightning have a photo gallery full of stills from the occasion, which was surely the biggest thing to happen to baseball in Tampa Bay since, well, the inception of baseball in Tampa Bay. As it so happened, the Rays got destroyed on Monday night, 13-5 by the Boston Red Sox. The Sox hit seven -- count 'em seven -- home runs off Tampa Bay pitching, proving that Melrose's Mullet does not bring good luck to all who are graced with it's presence.

Nonetheless, I will continue to worship it anyway. All hail King Barry! Hail you feeble peasants! Hail!

Parts of this report courtesy BMR Tampa Bay Bureau Chief Jon H.

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