Thursday, September 18, 2008

Relocating is weird.

Viva Espana!

As I often do, I feel the need to regale you with a story from my personal life. My employer, Real Job Inc, as I call it, was recently acquired by another company. It was an acquisition and not a buyout, so there is no fear that I'll be laid off, but since my new employers don't have offices in Minnesota, there is a very real chance that somewhere down the line I could be relocated. The most likely scenarios, if I were to be moved, include Baltimore, the US headquarters, Calgary, the North American headquarters, Toronto, home of our largest client or the world headquarters.
World HQ is in Madrid. As in Spain. In the other three areas, I would be able to follow pro hockey, or at the very least, the Maple Leafs. What has Spain ever given to hockey? Let's review.

1492 - Christopher Columbus, using a grant from Spain discovers the new world.

1492-19th century - Spanish influence expands, with Hispanic culture, language and names encompassing South and Central America.

Late 20th century - Manny Fernandez and Scott Gomez enter the league.

Pray for me. But at least I would be the greatest hockey blogger Spain has ever seen.


  1. Don't forget the notable accomplishment of inventing Sangria which helps you watch the offensive stylings of Scott Gomez.

  2. The ad on the right says [I can't do the upside down question marks]: "Tu familia vive en ESPANA? y tu vives en CANADA? Prueba Gratis"

    the little cartoon people are scaring me a bit

  3. Hey, at least you could be a pioneer in Spanish hockey blogging. I hear it's a growing industry.