Sunday, September 7, 2008

Reader Commentary Theater

Introduction your official BMR soapbox. Wipe your feet, please.

It's almost time to start a new season and that means we're going to slowly start bringing back some regular features this year -- and they won't be forgotten about this time. First in line for a rejuvenation is Reader Commentary Theater formerly known as Impressive Linguistic Talents.

New to the site? Here's how this works. If you leave a comment that's funny, insightful or just plain genius, you'll see it in this spot every Friday. You will also probably notice that today is not Friday. And that's OK. This is a special first edition to kick off the week on the right note. Or end the week on the right note, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, this will appear on Fridays from now on.

So without any further ado, here is our first group of featured commenters.

Pretty level headed analysis, I'd have to agree....Other than really Detroit every team has some serious questions and issues to address at this point.

And even the Red Wings there's a question about how much of weight Osgood can carry, he hasn't played more than 43 reg season games in a season since the lockout (As much as you can question a 2-time winning SC goalie, that is)

- Hooks Orpik on Your Obligatory Debate of Pitsburgh's Chances this Year

1) Stan is still alive?

- Faux Rumors on Stan Fischler Acknowledges Blogs, Earth Does Not Collapse in on Itself

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  1. So, you're saying the Golden Mullets return?

    Everything's coming up Domi!

  2. My parents hated me and only gave me a box of soap for Christmas; therefore this post offends me.