Friday, October 17, 2008

Melrose Coach-O-Meter 3000 Threat Level: RICHARDS

Thanks to the brave scientists at the BMR Institute, today we have quite a treat for you. I am proud to unveil the brand new Barry Melrose Coach-O-Meter 3000. How awesome is it, you ask? It's 992 years into the future awesome. And is it ever bright and shiny! It will certainly distract you until we post another picture of ice girls.Today's threat level is RICHARDS. This is the 2nd highest threat level, meaning the coach may be on the hot seat. After an 0-2-2 start with the Bolts and some choice words for his star players, Melrose may be shooting himself in the proverbial foot. So be warned, dear reader. You must proceed with caution if your name is Barry Melrose. But then again, Barry likes to throw caution to the wind. So maybe proceeding with caution is out of the question. Ah, hell with it. Let's take this thing head on. Bull by the horns. Stuff like that.


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  2. I liked the old meter better. "Keenan" and "Lamoriello" = funnier.