Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally, I can get down to hating the Maple Leafs

Danny Moloshok/Reuters

I have to tell you, I have just never shared the animosity towards the Leafs that Kevin or probably you ever have. They aren't in the same conference as the Wild, so what do I care? I'm pretty indifferent to the Sabres, Bruins, Canadiens and Panthers too. My vitriol, historically, has been for places like Vancouver, Colorado and Anaheim. Of course, the Canucks and Ducks both have featured Brian Burke, the douchebag, as a GM.
Today, we have breaking news: Brian Burke has resigned as the Ducks GM.
Included in TSN's story is this chestnut
"In any case, it would seem all but certain that Burke will find his way to Toronto as the Leafs' top hockey man."

Finally, I can get behind hating the Leafs. I hate Burke so much.

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  1. The irony in all of this is former Whalers' GM Jim Rutherford was asked a year ago, and now - as then - the favorite is former Whalers' GM Brian Burke.

    Meanwhile, Eddie Johnston and Emile Francis wait quietly by the phone...