Monday, November 10, 2008

A Handy Guide to What We Missed This Weekend: 11.10.08

[ It's Official -- The Bruins are Now Being Treated Like Rock Stars ]

Things have been going well in Boston lately. The Bruins are in first place in the Northeast and 2nd overall in the Eastern Conference with 19 points. Marc Savard is firing on all cylinders and Tim Thomas apparently is an unstoppable goal tending machine. The goalie is a wall! Like they used to say in Wayne Gretzky's 3D hockey.

Now, it turns out, the people of Boston are starting to treat their Bruins like rock stars. Or they might just be hitting on them in a not so subtle way.

When Bruins rookie winger Blake Wheeler slid the puck 90 feet into the Maple Leafs’ empty net with 52.3 seconds left, completing his hat trick and giving the B’s a 5-2 victory, it brought the standard cascade of hats from the stands.

And something else: one bra.

“I’ve never seen that before,” said Wheeler. “I guess I’ll have to autograph it and hang it up somewhere around here.”

Sweet. Expect the B's to be getting trashed with groupies in the dressing room before they go on stage. And during. And after.

[ Roberto Luongo: Carrying Fantasy Hockey Teams Everywhere ]

If you lie still and listen, you can hear the heartbeat of a million hummingbirds. (REUTERS)
Sure, the Vancouver Canucks have won three games in a row but there's a more interesting storyline to their 9-6 season. Goaltender Roberto Luongo's shutout streak is making fantasy owners everywhere giddy.

I think commenter VeryProudofYa put it best by referring to his team as the "Luongo Rape Express." Graphic and potentially offensive, yes, but still the most accurate description of a three game shutout streak to date.

Vancouver's next game is Wednesday at home against Colorado. The Avs have lost five of six and have only scored four goals in their last three games. The forecast for Wednesday calls for a save storm with a chance of a good ol' fashioned whoopin'.

[ Bettman is an Islander Fan. It All Makes So Much Sense Now. ]

I now understand why the Islanders haven't won a playoff series since 1993 and done next to nothing since then. On February 1, 1993 Gary Bettman was appointed commissioner of the NHL and has since been secretly managing the Islanders. It all makes so much sense now. Credit goes to the New York Times on this one, who wrote an article on Bettman in his own words.
"I grew up principally in a single-parent household in Queens County on Long Island. When it came to rooting for sports teams, I gravitated toward expansion teams. Sports fans often pass down the history of their favorite teams to their children, but with an expansion team, you’re living the team’s history from the start. I became a Mets fan, as well as a Jets and an Islanders fan."

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  1. This one time a Chief got a hattie and I wanted to throw my bra but I didn't know if it was in the law or whatever to award some bright young 17 year old whippersnappers' with tossing my WonderBra. Plus going to guest services after the game to retrieve it would have been awkward.