Sunday, November 9, 2008

Today is the Day I Accept My Fantasy Hockey Shortcomings

Once upon a time, BMR had some fantasy hockey leagues. They were great leagues, with owners who kept up with their teams regularly. Fast forward to today, and the leagues are still humming along smoothly, except that they have not been featured on the front page of the blog. And it's all because I can't come to grips with my own fantasy shortcomings. I apologize for my negligence and hope that you all won't hold it against me.

I used to blame Marian Gaborik's "lower body injury" and Kari Lehtonen's stiff back but I've realized my error. The fate of my fantasy team rests more in the crappy defense I drafted and less in the fact that Marty Turco sucks ass this year. OK, maybe it's not totally my fault, but those aren't reasons for me to not provide you with updates on the standings.

In the Super Duper Invitational League, here's how things look. Sleek, McErlain and Pensblog are the top three while Loser Domi, Scotty Hockey and yours truly are keeping the basement occupied.

In the Free-For-All League, things are quite a bit different. The Windy City Duo of Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp are singlehandedly keeping me in this thing. Stamkos Shmamkos is your current leader, followed by Tugnutt and Joe Juneau. My roommate, who doens't know a whole lot about hockey, is stuck in last. Suck it Jason.

Your standings are as follows:


  1. Convenient how you posted the standings before this week's results came in. Booyakasha!


  2. I agree Plank, nothing like a little 9 to 6 jump to brighten the day!