Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Minnesota at Pittsburgh)

The Wild, for those that didn't know, is my team. Before I post at BMR, I come out of my room, touch the Marian Gaborik jersey on my wall, go to the computer and start typing (it's not a superstition. I just have a small apartment. I touch the refrigerator and my television before I start typing as well). That being said, this is a big week for me. Let's get it on.


...if they call Pierre-Marc Bouchard "Butch". Ever seen the guy? I know its close to his name, but Butch just doesn't fit.

... if you still haven't figured out the Wild logo. (It's a cat of some sort)

... if the phrase "you lay on the ice like a broad" is uttered. Twice if it's to Brian Bellows.

... again if they try to dance around the word "titf**ker"

... anytime you our your friends say "titf**ker"

... if they try to compare Benoit Pouliot and James Sheppard to Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby

... any time you think the Penguins would be better if they were narrated by Morgan Freeman


  1. I don't have Versus or Rosemount City Council Meetings. I shall spend the evening sober.

  2. The planet skipped a rotation after the Morgan Freeman thing.