Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Pittsburgh at Detroit)

If you were curious, my cable remains of the super basic variety, which is fine. I get ESPN, CBS, Fox and all manner of public access. If I wanted to, i could watch the city council meetings of Eagan, Apple Valley AND Rosemount all in one night! So while you kids are playing a drinking game during what could be one of the better hockey games of the regular season, I'm going to go ahead and play the Apple Valley City Council meeting drinking game (drink every time they say councilmember, committee and every time the camera focuses on someone who isn't talking. Keep drinking until that person talks or the camera angle changes)
As for you crazy kids, I expect to see some more rules in the comments.


... through every highlight clip of Marian Hossa in a Pens uniform

... when Doc Emrick fawns over Sidney Crosby. Add a drink every time he slurps Crosby but doesn't mention Malkin.

... five times if someone slips in a dirty joke about an octopus

... for every shift Chelios rolls out for (assuming Yahoo is right and he comes back next week). Twice if he is older than a parent. Three times if he is older than a grandparent*. If he is stll on the IR, well, then, just drink when they mention him

... Every time "Barack Obama" is said with a Canadian accent.

* Chris Chelios is 46. I understand that grandchildren of 46 year olds are probably small kids. BMR does not support infant alcoholism.


  1. Take a shot every time the terrible economy of Detroit is mentioned.

  2. Take a drink every time someone mentions a "sophomore slump" for the Penguins, and for every time it's brought up "just how hard it is to repeat" for the Wings.

  3. Justin, are you trying to kill us?!

  4. Eagan, Apple Valley, AND Rosemount?
    Wow, that's just too much excitement for one night.

  5. Every time it is mentioned how close the Penguins where last year to winning it all.