Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Washington at Minnesota)

I feel like I don't need a caption

This weekend, I'm going to Kentucky. Yeah,, that Kentucky. The one between Tennessee and Indiana. The one that counts the Predators as their closest hockey team. I'll be doing enough drinking on account of being there that I don't think we need to dedicate a drinking game to the Preds-Blues game. And I'm not so sure that Paul Kariya is of legal drinking age. So we're going to look at Ovechkin and Backstrom and Backstrom and Koivu.


... if your hockey team is also a color.

... Every time Niklas Backstrom shoots on Nicklas Backstrom. Or no... wait. Other way around

... and make a dirty joke when Alexander Semin is mentioned. Semin is in the slot! (We're all about maturity here at BMR)

... for every odd man rush. Gotta throw a classic in there at some point, right? And they'll be EXTRA exciting with Minnesota involved

... if "Ovie" makes you giggle. It does me.

As always, I expect commentage. This time, perhaps y'all can invent a Nashville-St Louis drinking game. You're going to need it


  1. ... when Jacques Lemaire imitates a kitty

  2. ...every time they check in with "Hockey Central"

  3. i think Niklas Bäckström shooting on Nicklas Bäckström could be great

    (if you root for Nashville) drink everytime you miss Radulov and his scoring ability

  4. ...every time Jacques Lemaire's Devils are mentioned (bonus drink if the trap is NOT part of the discussion)