Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Highlight of the Week: For the Record, This is Not Me

There's only one story this week, as far as I'm concerned. I don't need to tell you about THE EVENT I'm just going to tell you that yes, I'm doing just fine and taking it in stride. Just don't bring up THE EVENT in great detail. It still stings a bit.

And one more thing, contrary to popular belief, this upset gentleman is not me. I repeat, totally not me. I'm sexier and get embarrassed easily in front of a camera (hence all the typing). OK, just the latter. But still.


  1. I love the new line under the header.

    All that video needed was "Mommmmmmm hot pocket!!!"

  2. This might say some weird things about me.. but I'm now fascinated by this kid. Check out some of these other clips by him (they're all as profound as this one - and about half of them start with a sigh):

    Who the hell is Bob?

  3. I know and have met Kevin in person and that is indeed him*

    *may not be factual