Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Pittsburgh at Buffalo)

Mmmm.... Nog

So Kevin is on vacation in Las Vegas, and I am in Minnesota with plans to go to Fargo this weekend. We're both going to be seeing snow on our trip, but I suspect Kevin is going to be having more fun, mostly because he doesn't have to drive in it. Trust me though, Fargo is a lot like Vegas, but people just don't know about it. For example, walking the streets late at night could get you in a lot of trouble. In Fargo, it's because of hypothermia, but no mind. Well, now maybe they have the same problem. This is the last drinking game before Christmas, and, in fact, since both Christmas and New Years Day fall on Thursdays this year, it may be the last one of the year. In that spirit, you're drinking eggnog (special eggnog, of course) for this one, and at the end of the game, plant a sloppy kiss on your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/pet.


... every time the Winter Classic is mentioned. Chug during highlight clips.

... if someone in the room says "mistletoe". Then punch him. Right in the head.

... if there are any bad Christmas puns. Happy Hockeydays, for example. Or Rudolf the red nosed Tallinder.

... finish your glass if anyone at anypoint suggests that Thomas Vanek is better than Crosby. Fill another one and drink that too if it's Vanek.

... if there are any celebrities in the crowd. Ha! Kidding! This is Buffalo! Instead, drink every time something crawls out of Pascal Dupuis' eyebrows.

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  1. Hey! We had Bill Clinton AND the Brady Bunch at games this month!

    The Wild didn't have Greg Brady in the stands this month! >:P