Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long Island's Running Joke -- Islander Goaltenders

This is seriously the funniest thing this side of Al Strachan right now.

Just when you thought the Islanders' goalie situation couldn't get any worse. Just when you thought this franchise couldn't provide us with any more unintentional comedy (backup goaltender becoming GM and what not), they do.

Here's the timeline:

Wednesday: Joey MacDonald gets injured, out 2-4 weeks (I actually called that, oddly).

Thursday: Islanders sign former goaltender Wade Dubielewicz, who was playing in the KHL this year and got cut.

Friday: Dubie expected to backup Yann Danis Saturday night against New Jersey, become starter next week.

Saturday: Dubie claimed off waivers by Columbus due to a loophole in the CBA. Islanders desperately search for a backup for tonight's game (Garth Snow and Mike Dunham expected to not be an option).


This whole thing is so sad it's hilarious. The John Tavares Express just keeps rolling along.