Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Rangers at Carolina)

A few years back, I went to a Wild-Canes game with a college friend of mine (he is an Avs fan. We haven't spoken since graduation). We thought it would be cool to make some signs to pretend that there was some actual vitriol between the Wild and the Canes. We also picked the shortest name on the team (Kuba. Why we didn't go with 'Wild' I don't know) and turned it into an acronym. There was also a sign that said something about Marian Gaborik. Believe it or not, he was hurt and not playing that game.

That's not the point. We made a sign that said "go back to Hartford" and had the old Whalers logo on it. Kevyn Adams totally looked at it and probably laghed, because the logo was horribly drawn. I don't really hate the Canes though. I'm pretty indifferent about them. In fact, I sort of like them, because I'm a meteorologist and now I work with Dave, who I guess is sort of into them.

More or less, after the trading line yesterday and after what the Wild did(n't do), I need a drink.


... if the term "sloppy seconds" is used.

... when the announcers get into a long winded explanation about how Eric Cole used to be a Hurricane and then he wasn't and now he is again. WHAT A CRAZY TRIP!!!!

... once everytime Derek Morris does something good, three times (once for every player sent to Phoenix) for every time he does something bad.

... if Nik Antropov walks around like he owns the place

... Every time they pan to the Hurricanes alternate logo, which is nautically correct! Awesome!


  1. Buy Ryan a bottle of booze when the Wild... If, I mean... IF the Wild don't make the playoffs.

  2. @kevin: that would be odd--all 4 of the teams represented by fans here don't make the playoffs

  3. Sorry, there's just no way around it. The Hurricanes alternate logo is in fact a vagina.