Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Battle is Indeed Epic

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images/Yahoo

I've done quite a disservice to our Midwestern readers lately. There's a heck of a series going on between the Rockies and the Mississippi and I have yet to really touch on yet. Well, consider it touched.

All year long the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche have battled it out for the fate of the known universe. It's been epic, no doubt. Back in November, we thought it was all over, with Paul Stastny and the Avs taking home the title of Universal Overlords. I regret to inform you that on that fateful day in November, I may have spoken too soon. Far be it from me to know that they would have met in the first round of the playoffs, and in such competitive fashion. Just like any good TV show, just when you though it was over, here they are back for another round. After watching the first three games of the series, all of which went to overtime mind you, it's easy to see that both these teams know exactly what is up for grabs.

So, let it be known that a great battle is taking place tonight in the American heartland (does Denver qualify as heartland?). The fate of the known universe is once again at stake and if we awake tomorrow morning in a world of molten lava and fire breathing velociraptors, we'll know why. The media will probably blame global warming, but we will all know the truth.


  1. Tonight's game may just end 3-2...LOL
    This has been quite the series.

  2. "This is the Ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny..."

  3. I was pissed when they blew the whistle while Sean hill was ruffing up Forsberg. Were the refs worried he would sprain his vagina?

    /sexist anti Avs vitriol

  4. they were probably worried that hill was trying to sell him 'roids!