Monday, January 26, 2009

"I like Quebec and I like speed"

Those are the immortal words of Arttu Pihlainen, men's champion of Red Bull Crashed Ice '09 in Quebec. First off, I'm glad this is a blog so I don't actually have to pronounce his name and fail miserably. Secondly, please check out the video below of Mr. Pihlainen's victory.

The description of the video says that it was -33*C (-27.4*F) and there were 95,000 people in attendance. First off, it's a sad day when anyone is getting their facts from the description of a YouTube. But you're know where not above those kinds of research methods here. Secondly, I'm going to assume that they said it in French somewhere during that video. True or not, those are some wild statistics.

So now I've figured out exactly what I'm doing with my winter vacation next year. Vegas is too expensive and Vancouver is too far/expensive/might be hard to get tickets. I'm going to Quebec for Crashed Ice! It's better than the All-Star Game and there's a lot more contact.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the title of this post.

  2. That need to be in the Olympics... god knows, we won't win anything else

  3. If you are going to be in freezing weather, you may as well get drunk and go down ice chutes on a hill. BMR pants party in Quebec next year?