Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The NHL and Carrie Milbank lied to us all

Back on opening night in the States, we can all recall the nonsense of Def Leppard's lead singer setting the holiest of holy trophies upside down. The fact that those limeys did what they did overshadowed a promise made by one Carrie Milbank in her introduction of the band that night:

"the song "C'mon, C'mon", poised to become the new anthem for the NHL..."

What happened there? Did anyone hear that song being played during the All-Star game festivities last weekend? I don't get it. Every time I head out to see my local team, the crowd eagerly awaits our chance to sing along with our new favorite from the greatest band in rock 'n roll history! WTF? I memorized all the lyrics, bought the guitar tablature book and even downloaded it on Guitar Hero... for what?

I don't understand, Carrie. If it is to be the new anthem for the NHL - then why aren't we hearing it anywhere? Sad face.

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